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If he scores 60 or 70 runs and gets out in a match, people say he is not a good match finisher... If he scores 90 runs and gets out people say he has nervous ninety problem...If sachin scores a century and if the team still looses... People say when ever sachin gets century team will not win... If he scores 100 and bats on people say he is selfish and playing for records… People won’t talk about his contribution for the team which helped our team to reach finals in World cup 2003 n 2011, but they say sachin did not do well in world cup final.

1. Chennai Test, 1999 vs Pak
Sachin, with severe BACK PAIN was executing his shots firmly and played this innings by putting a bag of ice cubes on his back, and had pain killers... AFTER FINISHING HIS CENTURY. Is he playing for centuries...?
When sachin was dismissed india needed 16 runs with 3 wickets remaining... sachin attempted a huge shot over mid off. he was having severe back pain and wanted to finish the match. and india lost that match for 12 runs...
Raj Singh Durgapur: "I signal to Anshuman Gaekwad the coach of the Indian team and asked him where is he[Sachin], because I knew he was Man of the match. Gaekwad said "he is not coming because he is crying..." I think thats what commitment is all about... Click here for full article."

2. Final qualifying match vs Australia - Sharjah Cup

India then had two targets: 285 to win the match, 254 to qualify on run-rate. 
After a dust storm accounted for four overs, these were revised to 276 and 237. Their success was thanks to a glorious 143 from Tendulkar from 131 balls. 
India lost the match, but achieved their main objective.
Sachin scored 143 Later, a slight edge off his bat was taken by Gilchrist, he didnt appeal. Only the bowler appealed! Umpire didnt giv out! But sachin was sure that he had an edge and went to pavln, even the umpire was stunned.

he knew that he had done his part.

if he was playing for runs and records...he could have been there for atleast a 150+ as each run will improve his records...right? 
Check the score card of the match 

Sachin Tendulkar, sharjah cup semi final. Image © MSN Cricket.

3. India v West Indies, 4th ODI, Vadodara, January 31, 2007

Came to crease in 25nd over, reached 85 (66 balls) in the 44th over. He rotated the strike to dhoni till 49th over on the other side who got 40 off 20, and reached his century in the last ball of the innings. 100 (76 balls)



4. Indian Flag

one fellow had filed a case against the flag on sachin's helmet. it was under the bcci logo.

can i ask one question? what is the contribution of that fellow for india?

but sachin didnt remove that flag he placed it above the bcci logo.

5. Pradeep Mandhani, a Photographer said,
Barely two hours after landing in Johannesburg on the 1992-93 tour to South Africa, the team was to visit Tolstoy Farm, Mahatma Gandhi’s first Satyagrahi Commune founded in 1910. It was situated 35 kms from Jo’burg and most of the Indian players showed little interest, longing to rest in the hotel after the long flight. But Tendulkar, still a teenager, looked keen and hungry to learn more about Gandhi. His volley of questions to the guide reflected his national pride.

6. A news article came in
The X-rays show that Tendulkar suffered a torn ligament and tendon to the finger that is affecting the finger joint," Paley said after the operation. The star batsman, who played the World Cup in South Africa with the injury, won the man-of- the-tournament award scoring a record 673 runs at an average of 61.18. Tendulkar is the only batsman in the world to score over 21,000 runs at international level with 12,219 in 314 One-dayers and 8811 in 105 Test matches. The doctors said he was in pain every time he fielded the ball during the World Cup. "Clearly, he performed well at the World Cup despite this, but he was in pain. It mostly affected his catch. Every time he had to catch the ball, it was painful.

7. 2004 Multan Test

The Indian Innings was declared when sachin was batting on 194.

In the very next innings, sachin bowled Moin kahan with a googlie, in the last ball of 3rd days play.

Was he happy at that time...? Just see the attached video.

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